Phase 1: Voice, Influence, and Representation Pilot (2021 – 2022)

Phase 1 of what later became known as G-HIVE began in July 2021 and focused on consultation and engagement with the Voluntary Sector, which involved three stages:

  1. Baseline key issues around voice and influence in the Royal Borough of Greenwich
  2. Develop agreements and consensus about how voice and influence can be synchronised within the health and social care system, as well as the Statutory and Voluntary Sectors
  3. Initiate the co-design of a Voice Hub (G-HIVE)


Voice and Influence Workshops

At the outset of the programme, a series of three workshops were held between July and November 2021 around voice and influence with the Voluntary Sector in the borough. Each workshop aimed to provide a safe space for Greenwich-based groups and organisations to share experiences, explore barriers, and identify solutions to engaging with and influencing the health and social care system. Facilitators supported participants to articulate the issues that mattered most to them, their service users, and their broader communities. Each workshop focused on one of three group/organisation types:


Voice and Influence Conference 

In December 2021, a Voice and Influence Conference was curated as the culmination of the workshop series. It was attended by representatives from the Statutory and Voluntary Sectors and focused on the priorities articulated through the workshops. The conference provided a space for both sectors to explore ways to:

  • Embed engagement and voice from local voluntary, community, and faith-based groups and organisations into current and future developments within the wider health and social care landscape
  • Build on collaboration during the COVID-19 pandemic, which had already reshaped communication within the system
  • Implement effective engagement and communication approaches to help achieve the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Equality and Equity Charter pledges 


Voice and Influence Conference Report


Welcome and Introductions Presentation 


Community Engagement Approach in Greenwich Presentation


Voice and Influence Workshops Presentation



Communication, Consultation, Co-Production, and Co-Design

During the Voice and Influence Conference, both sectors worked together to develop a priority list of Options for Improvement and a Schedule of Implementation for the second and third stages of Phase 1, which resulted in the development of the Royal Borough of Greenwich Voice and Influence Charter. Furthermore, workshops were also held for both sectors to discuss and develop how to use maximise funding and resources for voice, and to build understanding of how the health and social care system works. Phase 1 concluded with an initial co-design workshop for G-HIVE during which Statutory and Voluntary Sector expectations and requirements for the new infrastructure and activities were captured ahead of Phase 2 of the programme launching.


Royal Borough of Greenwich Voice and Influence Charter

Funding and Resources for Voice Workshop Report

G-HIVE Co-design Workshop Report 



Phase 1: Outcomes

During the Voice, Influence, and Representation Pilot, several outcomes were achieved in relation to consensus on the following:

  • How the Statutory and Voluntary Sectors should work together around co-production, engagement, and information provision
  • Ensure that smaller groups and organisations, and community champions, could be funded to ensure seldom-heard voices are better involved in the health and social care system
  • The importance of networking, building meaningful relationships, and mutual understandings
  • How the Statutory and Voluntary Sectors can develop a Voice Hub to provide a comprehensive range of one-to-one support sessions, training, networking opportunities, information, advice and guidance provisions and community outreach - this also includes methods to convene the health and social care system to deal with difficult issues. The Voice Hub became the Greenwich Hub for Voice, Influence and Engagement, or G-HIVE


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