Voice, Influence, Representation and Engagement

Are you involved with a Greenwich-based voluntary, community, or faith-based group or organisation as a trustee, volunteer, or paid worker? 

Would you like to be more involved in the decisions that matter to your users? 


METRO GAVS is active in helping voluntary, community, and faith-based groups and organisations, and the Voluntary Sector as a whole, make their voices heard. METRO GAVS works to build positive relationships, make connections, and influence policy and decision-making with Statutory Sector stakeholders such as the Council and NHS. Both formal and informal meetings play a part in this process.  

A representative is an individual who has been chosen to act on behalf of someone else, including a group / organisation, community, and/or sector. The Council, NHS, police, and other stakeholders, come together regularly with representatives of voluntary, community, and faith-based groups and organisations at partnership meetings. The various partners make important decisions at some of these meetings that affect services for, and the wellbeing of, many local people. METRO GAVS works with Statutory Sector stakeholders to ensure that the sector has representation on relevant partnership bodies. 

In Greenwich there are several high-level partnerships that oversee key strategic issues for that area. Below these boards are an ever-changing set of partnership bodies which look at specific issues. There are also several other partnership groups, which the Voluntary Sector is represented on. 

METRO GAVS participates in these partnerships and boards ourselves in order to represent the Voluntary Sector. Please contact Andrew Kerr for more information. 


If you are currently a representative and would like to discuss any issues that arise from this work, or if you would like more information about the work of representatives or how to become a representative, please contact Andrew Kerr.