To create stimulating educational opportunities for children and young people, using art, music and dance. To promote social inclusion through arts and cultural activities by creating opportunities to children and young people, artists, volunteers and members of the community to experience elements of different cultural background through the celebration of arts.

AHOY Centre

Our primary objective is giving opportunities to disadvantaged and at-risk young people - whilst also providing opportunities for disabled participants to engage in activities & courses on an equal level. We bring together people from many walks of life to work as a community helping others and teaching transferable and employable skills is at the heart of everything we do. Rowing and sailing are the educational tools we use to get results - the influence and passion of these activities bring about solid, positive changes in our participants and the local community - creating good citizenship and role models.

Character Well

Character Well promotes character values for self development and social enhancement.

Carers Support Bexley (prev. Greenwich Volcare - Carer's Support)

Carers Support Bexley (prev. Greenwich Volcare - Carer's Support) provides support, information and respite care for Carers in the London Boroughs of Bexley and Greenwich.

Avante Care & Support

Avante Care & Support is a not for profit organisation that cares for and supports over 1000 older people through registered nursing and dementia care homes, home care and wellbeing support services. We have been providing care and support for over 30 years and are proud of what we do. We have 10 specialist dementia and nursing care homes located across Kent, Bexley and Greenwich and we also provide home care and wellbeing support services across Bexley and Swale. We are committed to making a positive difference to those in our care and our experienced, dedicated and skilled work force strive to ensure we provide communities where everyone has a vibrant and fulfilling life.

Abbey Wood Community Group

Provision of space for community interest groups.

Advocacy in Greenwich (AIG)

To provide group and one to one advocacy for people with a learning disability in Greenwich. To empower people with a learning disability to bring about change for individuals, and in society, and to make sure we provide independent advocacy to anyone who needs it. This is provided though: 1. One to one advocacy 2. Positively encouraging self-advocacy and promoting people with learning disabilities as leaders 3. Raising awareness among groups and individuals in the community about the issues affecting people with a learning disability 4. Offering people with learning disabilities paid and voluntary roles within our organisations 5. Empowering people with learning disabilities to bring about positive change in services, and in the community.

African Smile

The principal aims of African Smile, are: - To relieve poverty and distress, preserve and protect good health and advance the education of disadvantaged people, living in South East London, Greenwich and Lewis ham, in particular, by the provision of Advice, Information and Guidance in matters such as: Health, Education, Training for Employment, Translation Services, Housing and Welfare Rights. - To promote, for the benefit of people as described above, the provision of facilities for Recreation, Cultural and other Leisure-time occupation of individuals who have need of such facilities by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disability, financial difficulties or social circumstances in the interest of social welfare and with the object of improving the conditions of life.

Age UK Bromley and Greenwich

To provide innovative services of the highest standards for older people in the borough of Bromley and Greenwich.

Aspire Creativity

Aspire Creativity provides community development, public and user involvement and arts training

Blessed Generation

Blessed Generation aims to help young people advance in life, relieve needs of and educate young people, through: a) The provision of recreational and leisure time activities provided in the interest of social welfare, designed to improve their conditions of life; b) Providing support and activities which develop their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals. This charitable purpose will be undertaken in accordance with a Christian ethos.

British Thyroid Foundation

British Thyroid Foundation provides support and information based on reliable medical evidence and personal experience through a help-line, information leaflets and local meetings. We work with patients and medical professionals to inform and support people of all ages living with thyroid disorders.

Central Eltham Youth Project

Central Eltham Youth Project provides a brighter future for young people aged 13-25 by helping them to make a smoother transition into adulthood.

Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT)

Based on the needs of the community, Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) works in partnership to deliver high quality programmes with a lasting impact.

Charlton Toy Library

Charlton Toy Library aims to promote the principle that play does matter for the developing child. Our objectives are to make play available & lend appropriate toys and books, extend the opportunity for shared play into the home. We also provide play areas where children and adults can use a wide variety of toys and creative activities and to offer an opportunity to socialise and exchange experiences. There is also a befriending & supportive service to parents and carers.

Christ Church Shooters Hill

Christ Church Shooters Hill is a religious organisation.

Clockhouse Community Centre Association Greenwich

Clockhouse Community Centre Association Greenwich in partnership with LBG, promote benefits of local communities and provide facilities for recreation and leisure time to enable improvement to the conditions of life for local residents. Run community development projects.

Twenty Fifth Avenue Housing

To relieve the needs, hardship and distress amongst young people aged 16 - 25 by the provision of accommodation, advice and strong mutual understanding to improve the quality of life, and build moral and social responsibility for the future generation of our community. We provide Temporary shared accommodation to support people with diverse circumstances to resolve their homelessness issues. We support them unto a state of recovery and resettlement into permanent accommodation & independent living. We offer adequate support services that enable our residents to maintain their occupancy agreement, working towards moving to a more independent environment and prevent any relapse back into homelessness. We support and help residents with full integration into the community and progression into gainful employment.

Under 5's Project

To enhance children's life chances. All our children are referred by outside agencies for the need of the child/parent carer. To enhance children's life chances on entry to primary school. They also provide inclusive and affordable childcare to the local community.

Vanbrugh Community Association (Mycenae House)

To provide space to voluntary organisations in order for their members to develop, social, educational and physical needs.

Victim Support (South London)

Practical help and emotional support for victims of crime and witnesses in court.

Voice of Mauritius 'Europe'

To advance the education in particular education in Mauritian culture and history.

Volunteer Centre Greenwich (VCG)

Enriching the lives of individuals and communities by enhancing the value of volunteering, through supporting and creating opportunities for all.

Walpole Estate Management Association

Social Housing Provider.

Womens Therapy Centre

To provide Psychotherapy for women across London.

World of Hope

To reduce youth crime by raising youth ambassadors. To reduce youth crime by supporting parents to understand youth culture and lifestyle. To take young people to visit decision makers and to be consulted on issues facing them for their voice to be heard as a means of inspiration. To engage on the streets with young people for them to understand the dangers they could face. To address food poverty through foodbank

YMCA Thames Gateway (also YLF)

To provide young people with meaningful and fun activities including youth clubs, football teams and music, to help them belong, contribute and thrive in the local communities.

Ark of Christ Mission International Trust (Youth Rally Mission)

Ark of Christ Mission International Trust (Youth Rally Mission) aims to combat youth violence; drug and alcohol abuse and knife crime. Youth mental health issues and mentoring young people to become the best they can be. They also aim to combat youth violence in SE London, raise young leaders in our community and to lead people to Christ.

Abbey Wood and Thamesmead U3A (officially The Third Age Trust)

Lifelong learning and socialisation for older people.

Camden Society (Work Train Greenwich)

Camden Society (Work Train Greenwich)'s vision is for a society in which people with disabilities live their lives to their full potential, free from discrimination. Our purpose is to support people with disabilities to live the lives they choose.

Action Against Hunger UK

The main aim of Action Against Hunger is to save lives by combating hunger, disease, and those crises threatening the lives of the most vulnerable men, women and children. This includes to relieve poverty, deprivation, and distress throughout the world and to relieve hunger; whether chronic or temporary; by way of emergency intervention and/or establishing rehabilitation programmes. Action Against Hunger intervenes in the following situations: in natural or man-made disasters which threaten food security or result in famine; in situations of social/economic breakdown, linked to internal or external circumstances which place particular groups of people in extremely vulnerable positions; in situations where survival depends on humanitarian aid.

Asian Centre for Advice and Learning (ACAL)

The Asian Centre for Advice and Learning (ACAL) provides Information & Advice in welfare matters, Domestic violence and other matters to Asian communities from Indian subcontinent in their native languages. The Asian Centre for Advice and Learning (ACAL) also acts as mediator in order to break the barriers towards labour market by updating their skills.

Avery Hill Christian Fellowship

Avery Hill Christian Fellowship promotes the advancement of the Christian Faith, relief of poverty

Blackheath Halls

Blackheath Halls is an entertainment venue and concert hall in the heart of South East London.

Bridge Support (bridge 86 Ltd)

Bridge Support (bridge 86 Ltd) supports people with mental health issues.

Charlton Family Centre

Charlton Family Centre provides childcare and support to families with children aged 5 and under in the local area

Charlton Triangle Homes 50+ Group

Charlton Triangle Homes 50+ Group helps promote social inclusion; prevent isolation and loneliness; promote affordable activities eg exercise classes at £2 per session, subsidised day coach trips at £10 per person.

Charlton United Reformed Church

Charlton United Reformed Church provides outreach and a mission to spread the word of god and support the local neighbourhood.

Church of Christ the King (see notes)

The Church of Christ the King provides community work showing people the love of Jesus

Christ Church East Greenwich

Christ Church East Greenwich provides Christian worship and loving service in the community.

Civil Service Retirement Fellowship

Civil Service Retirement Fellowship supports former civil servants & provide them with a better quality of retirement in later life.

Tramshed (formerly Greenwich & Lewisham Young People's Theatre (GLYPT)) also YLF

Tramshed are an arts organisation that aim to enrich the lives of 5-25 year olds throughout Greenwich and Lewisham through our participatory arts programmes, workshops and shows. Theatre and Arts Centre with a strong community and youth arts engagement programme

Turning Pages (Across The Ages)

Community Centre (I) To promote the benefit of the inhabitants of the page estate in the London Borough of Greenwich and the neighbourhood (hereinafter called 'the area of benefit') without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, race or of political, religious, or other opinions, by associating together the said inhabitants and the local authorities, voluntary and other organisation in a common effort to advance education and to provide facilities in the interest of social welfare for recreation and leisure-time occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants; (II) To establish, or secure the establishment of, a community centre (hereinafter called 'The Centre') and to maintain and manage the same (whether alone or in co-operation with any local authority or other person or body) in furtherance of these objects. (III) Promote such other charitable purposes as may from time to time be determined.

Woolwich Service User Project (WSUP)

To provide resources and support to people who are recovering form drug and alchohol substance misuse.

Woolwich Deaf Club

Social contact with other Deaf BSL users, sharing of information with other Deaf BSL users. We have a guest speaker from time to time.

Christ Church Priory Eltham

Christ Church Priory Eltham provides a place of worship and hall hire.

The Children's Society (Church of England)

We work to improve children and young people's participation in the services they use to strengthen their involvement in decision-making Mapping doc sent: a leading children's charity committed to making childhood better for all children in the UK. NMI - Provides a caring adult from the community for young person to confide in and raise confidence.

Big Red Bus Club

The heart of the Big Red Bus Club is our daily stay and play for children under five and families. The stay and play runs 12.30pm - 3pm, weekdays term time only and is entirely volunteer run and led. This is a free daily stay and play. There is no charge for families. Based in Charlton Park we also run projects that support our whole family approach to Wellbeing including supporting our volunteers to be empowered to lead us, supporting families with children with Special Educational Needs, Disability and overall supporting local families.

Thomas Philipot's Almshouse Charity

Provision of sheltered accomodation for people of retirement age in the area of benefit.

Woolwich and Plumstead Relief In Sickness Fund

To provide assistance to persons resident in the Borough of Greenwich who are sick, convalescent, disabled, handicapped or infirm. Grants will be considered normally up to a maximum of £350. Grants can be used to pay for items, services or facilities that Trustees consider will alleviate suffering or aid recovery and which are not available from other sources. To relieve, in cases of need, persons resident in the area of the Royal Borough of Greenwich who are sick, convalescent, disabled, handicapped or infirm.


Beelotus supports parents to develop self-care whilst adjusting to challenges of parenthood

A Special Design Support Services

A Special Design Support Services (otherwise known as ASD Support Services) is a company that gives a bespoke service to families and carers living with children with a diagnosis of autism from the ages of 3 to 11 years old. We offer a range of services from respite services to advise and modelling strategies/interventions they can use in the home. Our flexible approach allows parents to decide how we can support them and their child through an agreed support package. We are able to deliver this by partnering upskilled Personal Assistants with families.

Ukrainian Arts Hub

U.K Tibetan Kids Club

To engage young Tibetan Children to learn and share our unique Tibetan Culture in the Royal Borough of Greenwich and beyond. To empower young Tibetan Children. To celebrate cultural diversity and inclusion.

CET-c for Women

CET-c for Women supports married women and families


Greenwich Action for Voluntary Service (GAVS) exists to provide a strategic leadership role in representing the views of the sector. It seeks to enable, facilitate and promote models of excellence in the provision of services that support the delivery and development of voluntary, community and faith organisations and those that work with them in Greenwich.

4th Royal Eltham Scout Group

To follow the aims of the Scout Association to develop physically, socially, and spiritually the minds and bodies of young people, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society.

Blackheath Conservatoire of Music and the Arts Ltd .

Blackheath Conservatoire of Music and the Arts Ltd provides high quality art, music and drama education to the community in SE London.

Barnfield Hub (Friends of Barnfield Estate Limited)

Barnfield Hub (Friends of Barnfield Estate Limited) provide community development and improvement of residents community participations, healthy campaigns, crime reduction and employment training.

Christian Life Centre & Christian Life Ministries

Christian Life Centre & Christian Life Ministries is a place to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in word and action; teach the scriptures and disciple those who receive the message of Christ.

World Changing Centre/Autism Gifted Hands

The World Changing Centre is a UK registered charity, run by volunteers. We provide international relief Aid to underprivileged children and young people (5-25) in Sierra Leone. Here in the UK we have started running a parent support group and counselling session within our local community Greenwich. This year, we are embarking on play therapy, sensory circus, and music therapy projects to engage both parents and their young children between the ages of (10 to 19) to support and understand each other’s world. Their aims include education, healthcare, and sanitation.

Active Horizons

To support young people from the BME by developing their skills, capacities and capabilities, and to provide advance education and Provide recreational and leisure time activities.

Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships

To provide training to counsellors and psychotherapists and provide therapy to couples and parents to be.

Children Hope Forever

Children Hope Forever is to give young people - asylum seekers a second chance in life, create employment and Disabled families a voice into the society.

Avenues Group

The Avenues Group is a charity responsible for pioneering specialist social care that supports people facing significant disadvantage through disability and illness so they can live full lives in their local communities. 

Abbey Wood Women's Institute

To provide social activities and reduce isolation for women of all ages and to promote new skills whilst sharing existing knowledge.

Bridging the Gap for Autism

Bridging the Gap for Autism supports adults and families and carers who are on the Autistic Spectrum, by providing advocacy and social outlets.

True Light Culture

To engage young people in positive activities. Encourage reading, positive attitudes towards learning. Discourage anti social behaviour and involvement in crime. Overall, helping young people achieve in life and giving them building blocks to do so.

Charlton Central Residents' Association (CCRA)

Charlton Central Residents' Association (CCRA) is committed to ensuring a safe and friendlier community. We organise social events such as a community day and quiz nights. We run local groups such as singing, community gardening and a local history group to name but a few. We also publish a newsletter: 'Grapevine'.

Bexley Accessible Transport Scheme (BATS)

community transport scheme, operating within the borough of Bexley. Founded in July 2004, our aim is to provide affordable, accessible and safe transport for community and voluntary groups in the local area.

Yeshua's Arm (see notes)

An umbrella organisation which supports and empowers disadvantaged individuals and groups in the Black Community. It runs several projects to address these issues. Directly working with Children and Families, Advocacy, raising awareness, one to one support on parenting and other issues that affect black families.

Superkidz Community Trust

The Trust's vision is:- "To build safer and happier worlds for children, young people and families in deprived urban communities and equip local people to build and transform their own communities from within". We aim to defer young people from social exclusion, gang culture and associated criminal behaviour and to encourage the release of their potential.

Young Addaction (previously KCA)

Drug and Alcohol Information, education and support for 10-18 year olds, upto 21 Year old care leavers and 25 year olds with Special needs.

Charlotte Turner Supplementary School

Charlotte Turner Supplementary School engages and work with children an young people of minority groups in order to raise education attainments, supporting self motivation, self esteem, self believe an taking pride in personal achievements.

Vanbrugh Park Estate Tenants' and Residents' Association

Community/tenants association for Vanbrugh Park Estate - promoting well being, safety and good relations on the estate.

Universal Development and Training

Providing training and employment advice for women in Somali and BME communities. They offer advice/information, employment, training/education and volunteer services.

YCEC (Yasna Community and Education Centre)

Afghan community organisation which provides education, family support and cultural programmes.

Anchor For All Souls Church (RCCG)

The vision for The ANCHOR for ALL Souls’ is borne out of a genuine desire to raise men who regardless of their past will live righteously and attain excellence in every area of life.

Chares Limited

Chares is a Social Enterprise providing services to the local community, civil sector organisations and private sector businesses.

Woolwich Singers

The aim is to sing together, meet new people and have fun! No one has to sing by themselves and there is no audition to join. We sing a mixture of traditional and pop songs – something for everyone, and everyone is welcome.

Women and Youth Empowerment Network

To provide a platform where grassroots African women and youths can access trainings, workshops, information, business intelligence, trade and investment opportunities and networking needed to meet their socioeconomic needs.

Young Urban Arts Foundation (prev London Urban Arts)

To transform the lives of young people by strengthening their wellbeing through creativity and culture.

Anchor Project

Our aim is to continue to create awareness, advocate, enabling persons with disabilities into society.

Charlton Community Gardens

Charlton Community Gardens turns unloved and unused spaces in Charlton into productive community use. Engaging the local community is key to achieving our aim. We want to share our gardening skills and knowledge with others, so that more people can learn to grow their own food as sustainably as possible.

Aurora Options

Aurora Options supports people with learning disabilities.

Act for Change

The prevention of youth violence and hate related crime, including the provision of Transforming Conflict Training.

Volunteering Matters - Volunteers Supporting Families Greenwich

Volunteering Matters develop and deliver high impact volunteer-led solutions across the UK. Engaging more than 23,000 volunteers and 115,000 beneficiaries every year through more than 100 active programmes across the UK. Volunteers Supporting Families supports families under child protection within the borough of Greenwich to empower and enable them to live productive lives and gain support and guidance from a volunteer’s weekly visits.

Amethyst Family Foundation

To educate on parenting/marriage/single life. To support families who are in need by reasons of disability and ill health. To relieve the needs of families who are in hardship due to Social or Economic circumstances. To stop the disintegration of of families in our modern society. To build on the success of other service providers for families. To engage in useful activities in the local communities.

Athletic Football Club Lewisham (AFC Lewisham)

The main aim of the club is to provide football facilities, promote participation and development of the game and arrange matches for its members. Open to the whole community allowing anyone to be a member. To provide football for health benefits, raise self astemm and teach skills transferable to the workplace.

Words of Wisdom for Young People

The purpose of the organisation is to engage young people in reducing crime in the borough. The organisation will provide knowledge of the possible consequences of crime while building self-esteem and confidence in young people.

Abundant Community Creations

To deliver workshops that help their attendees change their way of thinking, creating change and developing their creativity.

Charlton Athletic Museum

Charlton Athletic Museum is a volunteer initiative to preserve and display the heritage of Charlton Athletic Football Club for the community and supporters

Bridge East Greenwich CIC

To provide engaging and stimulating activites for local families whilst providing practical and emotional support. Run BY the community, FOR the community.

Caribbean Social Forum

The Caribbean Social Forum was started by, “the matured children” of the Windrush Generation on 29 January 2015. The Forum is open to men and women aged 50+ and we currently have over 600 registered members mainly from the Caribbean and neighbouring countries, such as Guyana. It was an honour on 8 September 2017 that the Forum won the National Diversity Award for Community Organisation for Race, Faith and Religion.

Advocacy for Nepalese Organisations (AFNO)

Work with the Nepalese community. Access to advice and support through advocacy, info and signposting to key services.

Woolwich Garrison Church Trust (Prev: Friends of St George)

1. To preserve, maintain and enhance for the public benefit the Grade II building known as St George's Garrison Church Woolwich 2. To advance the education of the public in the history of the Church 3. To organise events and services within the Church

Carerswecare4 Ltd changed intowfe

Carerswecare4 provides support carers and improve their social networks by organising events social events through out the year.

Valley Grove Residents Group

Residents association to encourage socialising and communication and to create an inclusive and caring community.

7Talent Community Limited

Engage with young people to encourage positive thinking and the belief they can achieve with the right attitude, whilst touching on highlighted social themes.

Winning Stars

The promotion of quality of quality of lives and wellbeing of disable children and their families.

Bunyoro Kitara Development Association (BKDA)

Bunyoro Kitara Development Association (BKDA) brings together people from the Banyoro community and their families living in UK. We work towards alleviating poverty, isolation, promote education, economic empowerment and awareness raIsing on available services. We promote the positive cultural norms and values for the Banyoro community who are over 800 living in different parts of UK.

Abbey Wood Community Sound

Therapeutic community music.

Sunday Assembly

The Sunday Assembly is a secular congregation that celebrates life. We sing pop songs, listen to incredible talks, and chat over tea and cake to build radically inclusive communities.

Students' Union University of Greenwich

Help members (students) get the most out of their time at University of Greenwich. Including sports, societies, advice and representation. Students' Union / Membership organisation.

Autistic Inclusive Meets

Aims of Autistic Inclusive Meets: 1. To enable families with autistic children/adults to get out into the community and socialise in an accepting inclusive environment with like minded peers, via regular meet ups, holidays, or meals out. 2. To provide information and support to these individuals and their families. 3. To help families fulfil the sensory needs of the autistic individual through regular meets and also through the loan of specific sensory equipment such as weighted blankets etc.

B Young Stars

To inspire young people to embrace their true identity by averting them from youth crime. They have programmes to help youth by providing them with all the tools, resources and support they need.

Barnfield Education Limited - Supplementary School (See BEP Education)

BEP provides out of school tuition for young people in both primary and secondary schools. The main focus is on students receiving additional support to help them develop competence/excellence in the core subjects of the National Curriculum (Maths, English and Science), through intensive Saturday School tuition and extra-curricular activities. Our aims/Objectives  To bring together children in our communities, of all backgrounds to learn in a friendly, inclusive and a relaxed learning environment. This has been achieved through blended and synchronous remote learning.  To create and promote a positive, friendly, united understanding amongst young people in and around Barnfield Estate and help them to fulfil their potentials in life and be steered away from crime and negative lifestyles. This objective has been achieved through synchronous remote learning and the introduction of 2 assemblies; before the start of 1st lesson and after the last lesson. These strategies provide opportunity for briefings, students and teacher feedback and to check on students’ welfare knowing too well that Covid-19 and exams cancellations has caused a lot of stress and frustration to students.  To help reduce low academic attainment of disadvantage and BAME students in mainstream schools also, to provide a balance educational support that will help reduce the percentage of NEET students in our community and RBG as a whole. This is achieved through effective teaching of the National curriculum subjects using well qualified and experienced teachers. We are following mainstream school identified topics for teachers’ assessments. This will effectively support students learning in line with the mainstream school learning for improved performance

Bentham House Residents Association

Bentham House Residents Association helps to safeguard and promote the interests of the residents of Bentham House, an over 55 facility, concerning housing and the environment, and to help to improve living conditions, community facilities and services for residents, most of which are over 65.

Bloss.m (previously thinkHER ambition)

thinkHER ambition is a training and skills development social enterprise that specialises in upskilling young women aged between 14-21 to create the next generation of female leaders. Launched in 2018, we have impacted the lives of over 2,000 young females to-date around the U.K. by developing their skill sets, enhancing their career knowledge, connecting them to life-changing opportunities and building their networks.

ARC and You

ARC and You provides a range of social and educational services and programmes that support the development of individuals and improving access to social and cultural activities that enhance and contribute toward greater social integration and community cohesion.

Animal Days Out CIC/Animals for Therapy

Animal Days Out CIC/Animals for Therapy provides educational, therapeutic and recreational opportunities for children, young people and adults with a wide theme of animals, wildlife, nature and outdoor activities

Ana Huna

Ana Huna aims to increase awareness of disability among children within the Muslim community in Greenwich and to promote and improve access into local places of worship for families of disabled children.

BME Volunteers CIC (Black Major)

BME Volunteers CIC (Black Major) promotes innovative and new ways of working with and for children, young people and parents specifically within the BME community.

African Family Support Foundation

To empower and support African Families with arrange of issues including bereavement, domestic abuse, welfare, family disputes, empowerment, human rights, disability, health and social care provision.

Bench Outreach

Our aim is to help vulnerable people overcome drug and alcohol dependence, find decent homes and lead lives that have meaning and purpose. We offer an inclusive, confidential, non-judgemental service founded on equality, diversity and the sanctity of life. We work with people to find and sustain accommodation and support them to access treatment for drug, alcohol and mental health problems.

Supporting SEND

To empower and strengthen parents, carers and professionals who support children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, through courses, strategies and resources. To equip and empower families and professionals with the knowledge they need to succeed. To encourage families and professionals to have a child led focus, where each child is seen as an individual and their specific needs are met.

Activ8 Community CiC

Thai Kickboxing and fitness; to help take youth off the street and into sport in an attempt to help combat against ever-rising knife crime.

Aspire & Achieve London CIC

Aspire and achieve London CIC aims to empower and inspire young people to be the best version of themselves, making them happier, more balanced and instilled with a sense of self-worth and purpose. We aim to provide young people with a safe and secure platform to address the issues affecting them and express their concerns that are often swept under the carpet with local authorities, the London Mayor and MP’s; Topics include but not limited to: Sexual consent, Social influence, pressures to attend university, the impact of social media on mental health, peer pressure and the lack of paid opportunities after achieving a BA (Hons). Our work also aims to expose young people to provide young people with a new positive mentality and a network of peers who will encourage and support one another. They will provide young people with alternative activities to street violence and gang interaction, and will prevent young people from being misled into crime affiliation. This will not only benefit the young person and their families, but the wider community also.

West Thamesmead Community Association (WTCA)

The West Thamesmead Community Association (WTCA) is organising to address local issues of concern and they have formed a core committee of 6 people.

The Line

The Line is London’s first dedicated public art walk. Its outdoor exhibition programme illuminates an inspiring landscape where everyone can explore art, nature and heritage for free. The route runs between Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and The O2, following the waterways and the line of the Greenwich Meridian.

Brighter Futures Foundation

Brighter Future Foundations is a charitable organisation currently supporting adults with learning disabilities and other complex needs - including both physical/learning disabilities and sensory needs. For example, we support people with Acquired Brain Injuries, Epilepsy; and genetic conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Epilepsy, and similarly those with severe anxiety, depression, and behaviours that challenge.

As One Youth Project

- To create a safe space for young people within Greenwich borough. Where a team of skilled, passionate and vetted volunteers and youth workers can tackle complex issues around knife crime and youth violence whilst also responding to other complex issues that are a result of the covid-19 pandemic, such as loneliness and isolation. - Engaging young people in positive activities to promote social inclusion and reduce anti-social / offending behaviour. - To foster a sense of unity amongst the young people in our community. - To nurture young people within our community, ensuring they have access to personal development, skills-building and interventions that’ll help them grow into the best versions of themselves.