Pauline O’Hare: Voice and Infrastructure Manager

I have been in active leadership roles within the Voluntary Sector for two decades and counting. I have served as a manager of a charity in the Royal Borough of Greenwich for nine years, as well as held positions such as Director of a regional charity and Regional Volunteer Co-ordinator for the National Trust.  

Currently, I oversee the Infrastructure Support and Capacity Building Service in METRO GAVS. My primary focus is to provide support to organisations working with adults and older individuals in various areas, including critical areas such as health, wellbeing, gender, sexuality, housing, and advice. 

I have received specialised training through the Charities Evaluation Services, specifically in the ‘train the trainer outcomes’ programme. This training equipped me with the skills to assist voluntary organisations in identifying the desired changes they aim to achieve for their service users and establishing methods to measure those changes effectively. 

In addition to my managerial responsibilities, I also represent the Voluntary Sector on the Safeguarding Adults Board in Greenwich, as well as the South East London and London CVS Networks. Furthermore, I have authored a Third Sector Income Generation Guide for three London boroughs. I have also created a METRO GAVS guide tailored specifically for Voluntary Sector representatives involved in multi-agency partnerships, serving as a valuable resource for supporting collaboration and seamless synergy.