Rosana Muller

I have been a resident of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, specifically the Woolwich Common area, for the past twenty-two years, and I have always been interested in the issues that have affected people in the borough.

I am the co-founder and the art administrator for TARU Arts, a successful arts organisation based in the borough for twenty years. I am also part of the Royal Borough of Greenwich Community Champions Programme.  

I have always been involved in community projects and, over the years, have developed a range of experiences and knowledge that can support and complement the steering group. I have research, project delivery, coordination, and admin skills. In addition, I have in-depth knowledge of the arts, cultural and community diversity, and international experience, having run community arts projects in Brazil. I'm passionate about community engagement and arts and culture projects as a tool to engage and support communities and celebrate diversity. 

My work with TARU Arts has enabled me to develop my communication, listening and decision-making skills and to collaborate with other local community groups and individuals. I have a good rapport with the borough's local schools, community groups and other arts organisations.