Lilian Odim

I am the founder and CEO of the Anchor SEND Friendly Centre, a specialist provision for children and young adults with special educational needs and disabilities. I have extensive experience working in early years and with children and young people, in particular those with special educational needs and disabilities. 

Children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities are vastly underrepresented in their communities and in society as a whole. I have spent many years being an advocate for those that cannot for any reason represent themselves. I am passionately committed supporting to special educational needs and disabilities children and young people and securing them a voice and ensuring they receive the opportunities, services, and resources available to ensure a happy, safe environment.  

I believe that fairness is not everybody getting the same thing but everybody getting what they need to be successful. I recognise that all children and young people are entitled to a learning or leisure experience that respects diversity, enables participation, and considers a variety of learning and recreational needs and preferences. I believe children and young people have the potential to thrive and be successful whatever their circumstances.