Kevin McBrien

I manage a community centre which has enabled me to develop an understanding and awareness of a very wide range of services and activities across the Voluntary, Community, and Faith Sector in Greenwich. Community centres perform a unique role in that we work collaboratively with a huge range of groups and organisations across all sectors, including Statutory and non-Statutory. At the Clockhouse Community Centre we work in partnership with multiple services providers, including health and wellbeing, advice and support for housing, welfare benefits, immigration advice, domestic abuse support, education, children's services. Furthermore, we have a long standing and proud tradition of working proactively with a large number of faith groups. In addition, we also run a weekly foodbank, free at source with no registration requirement.   

I understand the critical importance of all these groups and activities and realise that they are needed now more than ever, especially in these times of economic hardship and uncertainty. As a Community Leader I feel I can make a positive contribution to the Voluntary Sector, offering my own experience and insights working within the borough. I can share ideas and suggestions and help ensure the Voluntary Sector is focused and strategically relevant.